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How do we promote literacy?

By removing the barriers to learning.



Responding to expressed community and school-based needs, Healing Species launched an innovative and unique Character-based Literacy Program in 2013-14--expanding our evidence-based Violence Prevention and Compassion Education™ model program to provide a fully developed literacy program which will help 2nd grade students gain confidence in reading and improve comprehension and vocabulary skills!

Seventeen captivating lessons center on age-appropriate literature, illustrating and teaching the hallmark character and anti-bullying lessons of our traditional Violence Prevention program –featuring fictional stories, informational text, poetry, and biographies. And as with our Violence Prevention Program, the visiting RESCUED AND REHABILITATED DOGS who accompany trained instructors will help bring the lessons in personal safety, respect, citizenship, and compassion to life!

The evidence-based literacy instruction will not only help schools in meeting the state Department of Education Health and Safety Standards and Character Education pillars, but will also help them meet almost 70% of the crucial English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards for 2nd grade.

Every 45-minute lesson will feature ANIMAL-ASSISTED "read along" opportunities with a temperament-tested rescued dog that will provide motivation and a non-threatening atmosphere for all readers, especially reluctant readers. Protected reading time activities will include instructor "read alouds," plus students reading aloud to one another in small group settings AND with Healing Species rescue dogs. Games, discussion, writing prompts, and other activities will help students foster skills in critical thinking, word recognition, and presentation of knowledge and ideas.

Realizing academic success and behavior are connected, the Character-based Literacy Project seeks to assist children in addressing barriers to learning- such as abuse, neglect, and bullying -in an environment which also empowers students to believe they have the ability to change things for themselves. The Character-based Literacy Project will result in positive attitudes and choices that will encourage students to stay enrolled and engaged in school academically and socially.

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