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Parent Connections Classes

"Keys to Your Child's Success"


parentnightkids1The Healing Species Parent Connections Class arms parents and caregivers with the keys to their child's success, using our Compassion Education and Violence Prevention Program for youth as the platform for this unique presentation. Parent Connections Classes can be delivered in 30-minute to 2-hour sessions and as a single offering or series.

Participants will come away with ideas they can put to use immediately for communicating effectively with their child and setting a protective environment for positive behaviors and choices. The interactive format allows participants to exchange ideas for tackling the daily and seasonal challenges of parenting. Topics include:

  • Talking to Your Child about Personal Safety
  • Modeling and Teaching Responsibility
  • Communicating Expectations and Rules
  • Building a Network Around You
  • Breaking Cycles of Violence
  • Using Conflict Resolution Skills in Communication
  • Appreciating the Differences of Others
  • Finding Positive Addictions
  • Being an Advocate for Someone and Family Service
  • Demonstrating Compassion
  • Learning their Love Languages
  • Goal-planning for Graduation and College
  • Using Traditions in Your Family

Participants share what they learned from the class about their child:

"That he may need more encouraging feedback and an outlet
to express his feelings."

"He needs more clear boundaries."

"Reminders of how I've been reacting to situations, when I should be
observing and planning my responses."

Participants share one thing they will put into practice:

"More listening – less talking"

"To play the 'best and worst thing' game."

"More one-on-one time with her to talk about what is
going on in her life."


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"I really enjoyed the parent class. I learned a lot. I realized that I am not alone in my parenting struggles."

Parent of a Healing Species student